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Treat your patients to more, move your practice forward.

Invisalign training

At the forefront of dental innovation, Invisalign clear aligners are engineered to push the boundaries of
clinical possibility. From simple to complex, the Invisalign System helps you treat a range of malocclusions with
confidence and grow your practice - placing at least 15 years of innovation behind every new smile you create. To date, Invisalign Providers have transformed over 6 million smiles worldwide.

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Quick Tip: Cost of invisalign treatment could range from Rs.150,000-Rs.350,000*

* Invisalign treatment prices are indicative and for patient education only. Invisalign is a customized treatment plan, so individual costs will vary. Final discretion with respect to the treatment costs and duration, depends on the complexity of your case, the doctor/clinic and other factors. Please check with your Invisalign provider for more details. Consultation fees may apply.